ServSafe ® Alcohol Training/Certification

Servsafe Certification Classes

Learn the essentials of responsible alcohol service. Protect yourself and your operation from risks and liabilities with alcohol training and certification from the National Restaurant Association.
ServSafe ® Alcohol Training/Certification program will teach you to effectively do the following:

  • Understand alcohol laws and responsibilites
  • Evaluate intoxication levels
  • Check identification
  • Deal with difficult situations

We will conduct the ServSafe ® Responsible Alcohol Service classroom session/exam at your request. The class typically runs approximately 2.5 hours. Course cost is $35 per student. We provide the Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service 2nd Edition textbook, the exam answer sheet, and administration of the exam upon course completion.Minimum class size is 10.The online course is also available and is usually more convenient and cheaper.
Check with your insurance carrier. Many accept the online version.